A Wedding Gift Etiquette Guide: Everything to Know Before Spending


The happy couple is finally tying the knot, and a sparkling excitement over everlasting love is in the air. Still, the conflicting task of gift-giving is present for guests as the big day approaches. When one wishes to shower a couple with the ideal presents, a few questions arise: How to choose a gift? What is the appropriate amount to spend? Is cash acceptable?

Gift-giving can be one of the trickiest parts of attending a wedding, but avoiding faux pas will allow one to confidently step into the venue, knowing the married couple-to-be feels celebrated and respected through the gifts they receive.

Spend Within a Comfortable Budget

Establishing a budget is the first and most crucial step in purchasing a gift. Business Insider says the average cost of a wedding gift in the U.S. is around $100. Regardless, most registries include various options to accommodate each guest’s budget. Consider the bride and groom relationship when setting a budget, but always let financial ability be the deciding factor.

Group Gifts

Only big-ticket items remaining on the registry? No problem. Teaming up with a group of people to purchase an expensive gift is always acceptable. Popular among bridesmaids and groomsmen who have already reached the budget limit with dresses, tuxes, bridal showers, and bachelor parties, this idea is a go-to solution. Still, group gifts make it possible to stay well under budget and give an impressive and thoughtful gift.

Cash or Check?

Gifting cash or writing a check for the bride and groom is more than acceptable in most cases. These days, couples may already have a stocked home. Therefore, they may prefer cash toward a honeymoon or to put into a savings account. Some registries even include cash funds allowing the guests to contribute online and add virtual notes. Cash funds allow guests to give something meaningful beyond the traditional registry list.

Not Attending? A Gift May Not Be Necessary

A gift is likely only expected if a guest can attend the wedding. The only exception to this rule is when the bride and groom are very close family or friends of the guest. Of course, the couple will appreciate any gift regardless of the circumstance.

Destination Wedding Etiquette

Most couples throwing destination weddings do not expect gifts since guests must purchase hotel rooms and handle other travel expenses. Always check with the wedding party to clarify the bride and groom’s present expectations.

To Use or Not to Use the Registry?

Shopping from the registry is encouraged. Not only does it make shopping easier for the guest, but it also ensures the couple is getting what they need. However, it is acceptable to veer off the registry if the guest knows the couple very well and wants to give a sentimental gift. Suppose all items within the budget are already purchased. In that case, guests should consider contributing to the cash fund, writing a check, or giving a gift card instead.

Think Outside the Box on Present Ideas

When choosing a personal gift, it is more meaningful to consider the couple’s hobbies, history, and quirks. The wedding website may even hide unique ideas. For example, if the couple got engaged while traveling, contributing a cash gift as flight fare for future adventures is fitting and fun.

When and Where to Send Wedding Gifts

The hardest part is over but remember to stay punctual. Ideally, presents should arrive within two months of the wedding date, so it is best to purchase them as soon as possible. To keep up with modern standards, guests should send all contributions to the couple’s home instead of bringing them to the wedding.

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