Attending Your First Wedding? Here’s Eight Faux Pas to Avoid


Everyone knows following tradition and being polite are a must at any southern wedding, but it can get pretty specific and stressful regarding rules. Take the lead in being the perfect wedding guest by sending timely RSVPs, arriving in the correct wedding attire, and exuding appropriate behavior. The bride and groom will be so appreciative.

Always RSVP

Wedding season is a whirlwind for everyone involved. Help out the married couple-to-be by responding to the RSVP promptly. Remember, it is frowned upon to expect or request a plus one. If unsure about attendance, always respond with a yes and let the couple know if plans change. Additionally, this is a great time to let the couple know of dietary restrictions to avoid confusion on the big day. A display of gratitude and dedication to promptness is the bare minimum when invited to someone else’s special day.

The Rules of Wedding Gift-Giving

When selecting a gift, stick to the registry. The couple spent endless hours organizing their wants and needs in one place for their guests. Skip carrying that bulky wedding gift to the wedding and send it directly to the couple within at least two months of the wedding date. Punctuality is just as important as the gift itself.

Abide by the Dress Code

Thankfully, most wedding invitations specify the required dress code, but one still needs to know which colors to avoid. Steer clear of white, bright red, or black. Black is traditionally worn for mourning, and bright red tends to be flashy and distracting. White is off limits because, if there’s one takeaway, it is never to distract from or outshine the bride.

Arrive on Time

There’s always one family who’s notoriously late to the party, but it’s vital to be on time for a wedding. In some circumstances, the bride and groom may want to wait to start the ceremony until everyone has arrived, but pushing back the reception time can incur additional fees. Do all guests and the wedding party a favor by prioritizing early arrival.

Phone Etiquette

It has become increasingly challenging to avoid phones these days. Silence all phones, or leave them in the car. Trust that the well-paid photographer has the timeless photos covered; enjoy the night, and be in the moment. Fellow guests and the bride and groom will appreciate it.

Proper Behavior

Endless late nights and savings get invested in creating an enjoyable event for the guests. Sign the guest book, participate in the bouquet toss and enjoy a moment on the dancefloor if you wish; the couple will appreciate seeing everyone have a good time. Beware of an open bar; it is not an invitation to get rowdy, so be mindful of overconsumption and avoid loud, distracting behavior.

Stick to the Assigned Seating

If there’s a seating chart, it exists for a reason. The bride and groom spent time curating seating arrangements to accommodate each party. Altering seating can throw off the experience for other guests and cause unnecessary stress for the planners. Tough it out for the evening and make the most of the seat given.

Stay the Whole Time

If possible, stay the whole time. Leaving early without good reason disappoints the bride and groom, who wish to see everyone out. The final exit is often one of the most exciting ways to wish the couple a safe and happy honeymoon.

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