The History of the Newcomb Art Museum of New Orleans

A spacious modern art gallery exhibit at a museum in New Orleans near the Hotel Mazarin.

UNCOVER THE RICH HISTORY OF THE NEWCOMB ART MUSEUM OF NEW ORLEANS New Orleans’ Newcomb Art Museum is nothing short of a gem of the city. It wonderfully showcases the achievements and artistic heritage of New Orleans’ women. The museum boasts a more than century-long history and has become one of New Orleans’ most prominent […]

Jump into Happy Hour on Magazine Street in New Orleans

A server pouring wine into a couple's glasses during happy hour at a restaurant on Magazine Street near New Orleans' Hotel Mazarin.

ENJOY THE BEST HAPPY HOUR DEALS, DRINKS, AND FOOD ON MAGAZINE STREET Happy hour is cherished in the City of New Orleans for many reasons. To those unfamiliar, Happy Hour offers a window of time on certain days at certain establishments to snag good deals on food and drinks. New Orleans has many places to […]

History of the House of Blues in New Orleans

A live music event crowd with raised arms at the House of Blues in New Orleans near the Hotel Mazarin.

DISCOVER THE HISTORY, SOUL, AND HERITAGE OF NEW ORLEANS’ HOUSE OF BLUES New Orleans’ House of Blues is one of the most famous music venues in the Crescent City. It is well known for its soulful and vibrant sounds and especially for its history. It quickly became a must-visit spot for many tourists as word […]

Exploring the Historic Charm of the Buckner Mansion in New Orleans

A white historic mansion surrounded by oak trees within New Orleans' Garden District neighborhood near the Hotel Mazarin.

EXPERIENCE THE BUCKNER MANSION OF NEW ORLEANS FOR A SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE The famous Buckner Mansion of New Orleans is nothing short of iconic. Located at 1410 Jackson Avenue, right in the city’s heart, it simply cannot be missed. Its architecture and history are nothing short of amazing. History of the Buckner Mansion The Buckner […]

Experience the Amazing Offerings of the Historic New Orleans Collection

A bronze sculpture of a woman and a deer in an art exhibit in New Orleans near the Hotel Mazarin.

UNCOVERING THE WONDER OF A NEW ORLEANS MUSEUM: THE HISTORIC NEW ORLEANS COLLECTION In New Orleans, there are many unique museums and art galleries. Of the many the city has to offer, The Historic New Orleans Collection (THNOC) stands as one of the premiere museums of New Orleans. It focuses on showcasing the fantastic heritage […]

Celebrate Labor Day in New Orleans Like a Local

Flags waving from second-story balconies in New Orleans' French Quarter during Southern Decadence near the Hotel Mazarin.

THE TOP FIVE WAYS TO ENJOY LABOR DAY WEEKEND IN NEW ORLEANS New Orleans is the perfect place to relax and unwind on Labor Day weekend. The city offers much to enjoy, such as its lively music, renowned restaurants, and extensive history. All this and more makes New Orleans a fantastic place to celebrate holidays […]

Top Reasons to Explore New Orleans’ Uptown Area on Oak Street

A bright blue creole cottage, a bright yellow house, and a historic white house in New Orleans' Uptown neighborhood near the Hotel Mazarin.

THE BEST FOUR WAYS TO ENJOY UPTOWN ON LIVELY OAK STREET IN NEW ORLEANS Regarding cities with the best culture, history, and traditions, New Orleans is second to none, which is highly evident in the city’s neighborhoods and streets. One of the city’s most outstanding areas is Oak Street. Oak Street resides near the Carrollton […]

The Top Five Bars on Magazine Street and St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans

A second-story view of the neon lights of Bourbon Street and the city skyline in New Orleans' French Quarter neat Hotel Mazarin.

EXPERIENCE THE BEST BARS THAT NEW ORLEANS HAS TO OFFER BY VISITING THE UPTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD New Orleans is known by many as the world’s party capital, with bars and clubs at every corner of the city. One of the city’s best-known areas is Uptown, a popular shopping attraction for locals and tourists. However, there is […]

The Best Reasons to Visit the Wonderful Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans

Three men toasting with full beer glasses at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans near the Hotel Mazarin.

EXPERIENCE THE MOST UNIQUE AND CHARMING BAR IN ALL OF NEW ORLEANS, THE MAPLE LEAF BAR Visitors can discover one of the best-kept secrets within the bustling City of New Orleans at the Maple Leaf Bar. It has been central to the city’s live music scene since 1974, boasting a homey atmosphere and impressive live […]

The Best Reasons to Experience the Theatre Scene of New Orleans

Actors practicing backstage before performing on stage in New Orleans.

THEATRE IN NEW ORLEANS: A BEAUTIFUL COMBINATION OF CREATIVITY AND CULTURE New Orleans is far more than a party haven or food hotspot. It has a beautiful reputation for the theatre. The city’s rich heritage and history play into this part of the city’s culture and culminates into a vibrant theatre community that has captivated […]