Dream House Lounge, the Best Mocktail Bar in New Orleans


The Crescent City of New Orleans is widely regarded as having the best nightlife in the United States. Mocktails offer visitors a delightful, refreshing, and alcohol-free alternative to traditional cocktails, and there is no better place to find these delicious beverages than Dream House Lounge of New Orleans.

Dream House Lounge: the Premiere Mocktail Makers of New Orleans

Dream House Lounge provides patrons with a unique and cozy ambiance and an exciting selection of mocktails. The establishment prides itself on treating all visitors with an inclusive and fantastic experience. This is why Dream House Lounge of New Orleans has become such a popular place for mocktail lovers to convene and enjoy themselves.

A Unique Menu

Dream House Lounge has a diverse menu that excites visitors for their next visit with great tastes, including spicy, savory, herbal, fruity, and even bitter. This wide variety of options indeed shows their dedication to having something for everyone to enjoy.

Mocktail Recommendations

Dream House Lounge’s signature fruity mocktail is their Watermelon Breeze. Patrons who order this drink can expect fresh watermelon juice paired with tinges of lime, as well as mint leaves. Their second most popular drink is their Pineapple Paradise, which is their take on the classic pina-colada. This cocktail brings a classic tropical taste with fresh pineapple and coconut, bringing drinkers to a place with sand between their toes and salt in the air.

An Herbal Experience

Dream House Lounge specializes in aromatic and herbal drinks. Order the Lavender Lemonade, made with fresh lemons, mint, and homegrown lavender, for a floral and mouth-puckering drink.

Spicy Fusions

Dream House Lounge’s trendy drink, Spicy Mango Tango, fuzes the distinct flavors of spicy chilis with sweet and succulent mangoes. This unique and unconventional combo gives drink sippers a taste like no other.

Join Dream House Lounge for Every Occasion

Dream House Lounge of New Orleans is a great spot to grab a refreshing mocktail and a great venue to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Its ambiance and atmosphere are unmatched and provide an intimate experience for all patrons.

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