Experience the Amazing Offerings of the Historic New Orleans Collection


In New Orleans, there are many unique museums and art galleries. Of the many the city has to offer, The Historic New Orleans Collection (THNOC) stands as one of the premiere museums of New Orleans. It focuses on showcasing the fantastic heritage of the city, as well as its cultural history.

About the Historic New Orleans Collection

The Historic New Orleans Collection was originally founded in 1966. It has since served as an enjoyable place for scholars, locals, and history enthusiasts alike to gather and learn. It is located in the heart of New Orleans in the historic French Quarter and offers a glimpse of what made New Orleans the city it is today.

A Truly Amazing Collection

Through its unbelievable collections, history becomes a reality at the Historic New Orleans Collection. It has an excellent collection of over one million artifacts, photographs, art pieces, and manuscripts. Many of these pieces shed light on the city’s past, traditions, Mardi Gras memorabilia, and even pieces from the civil war. Patrons will also witness notable examples of New Orleans’ stunning architecture.

Immersive Experiences

Regarding truly immersive exhibitions, the Historic New Orleans Collection prides itself on bringing its exhibits to life for its visitors. Many exhibits are rotated throughout the year to ensure a fresh experience for everyone. These multi-sensory experiences range from exhibits on the history of the African American community to jazz music and even Creole culture.

Research and Educational Opportunities

The Historic New Orleans Collection has incredible exhibits and excellent educational and research opportunities. It constantly hosts informative lectures, exciting symposiums, and hands-on workshops. The collection also allows scholars and students to access its resources and archives for extensive research.

Preserving What Matters Most

One of the Historic New Orleans Collection’s missions is to preserve the culture and history of New Orleans. The institution plays a significant role in keeping the artifacts safe while allowing people to view and experience them. This endeavor ensures that the history of the City of New Orleans will be preserved for generations to come.

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