Experience the Best Ghost Tours in the Haunted City of New Orleans


New Orleans, one of the most haunted cities in the world, is cloaked in mysterious tales of Voodoo queens, ghostly encounters, famous pirates, vampires, and more. No one is more knowledgeable about the ghosts and ghouls that inhabit this infamous city than the locals. So what better way to experience this ominous city than to learn from the locals on a guided ghost tour?

Ghost City Tours

Ghost City Tours is known for offering its customers a variety of experiences that will chill tourgoers to the bone. Its guides are well-versed in the locations visited and the lore behind it all. The whole family can enjoy the Ghost of New Orleans Tour they offer. This specific tour takes its groups through some of the most haunted and well-known locations within the French Quarter.

If someone is an experienced paranormal expert looking for a good time, Ghost City Tours offers an adult-only tour known as the Haunted Pub Crawl. Whether it’s family fun, date night, or for educational purposes, Ghost City Tours is a great option to choose from when considering ghost tours in New Orleans.

French Quarter Phantoms

French Quarter Phantoms is the perfect option for those with a significant paranormal itch. They provide a two-in-one experience with creepy vampire stories and tales of local hauntings and disasters.

Guides for French Quarter Phantoms are licensed and love to spread the word on many fabled stories of New Orleans. In particular, they offer the French Quarter History/Voodoo Tour, the Ghost and Vampire Tour, the Saints and Sinners Tour, and many more. However, these tours are not for the faint of heart.

Haunted History Tours

Haunted History Tours might be the most highly touted haunted tour service in The Big Easy. Providing their services since 1995, they have been praised by many as the most entertaining, most in-depth, and most diverse tours. These reviews were not by average Joes either. These are big names such as The Travel Channel, The Syfy Channel, The History Channel, and many more.

What makes them the best? Haunted History Tours provides a selection of over ten tours year-round. They offer everything from a bone-chilling procession to the tomb of the voodoo queen herself, Marie Laveau, a haunted pub crawl, and even vampire tours for bloodsucker enthusiasts.

New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours

New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours pride themselves on giving historically accurate tours of The Crescent City’s otherworldly ghost stories and legends. One of the focuses of their tours is none other than the notorious swashbuckler himself, Jean Lafitte. Tour guides will delve into the history of his blacksmith shop, which has now been converted into a renowned bar.

Tourgoers will also hear eerie tales of the French Quarter’s paranormal past. Return customers of New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours are widespread since customers will have a different experience on their tours every time. This is because the highly touted tour guides customize each and every tour based on current happenings within New Orleans.

Stay at Hotel Mazarin

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