History of the House of Blues in New Orleans


New Orleans’ House of Blues is one of the most famous music venues in the Crescent City. It is well known for its soulful and vibrant sounds and especially for its history. It quickly became a must-visit spot for many tourists as word spread about how amazing it is. With its growing popularity, the House of Blues is one of the most beloved places in New Orleans.

Early Days of the House of Blues

In 1992, Isaac Tigrett, co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe, and Dan Aykroyd, co-star of the 1980 film “the Blues Brothers,” founded the House of Blues in Cambridge, Mass. A New Orleans location opened to the public soon after in 1994.

The Venue

New Orleans’ House of Blues is located in the heart of the French Quarter. This was the perfect spot to put it because the French Quarter is widely known for its fantastic nightlife. The building decided upon for the House of Blues was a restored 19th-century warehouse which only adds to its atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, upon entering the building, many pieces of artwork and music memorabilia add to the charm and character of the House of Blues.

Genres and Esteemed Artists

Despite its name, the House of Blues doesn’t limit itself to only blues music and artists. The venue is dedicated to showing off various musical genres and styles, such as jazz, rock, gospel, and blues. Some of the most prominent artists that have played here are Etta James, B.B. King, and Dr. John.

Unkown Musicians

The House of Blues also prides itself on showing off up-and-coming or unknown musicians. People can leave and fall in love with an artist they had never seen or heard of before. This is one of the many reasons why the House of Blues gives back to the community.

Visit the House of Blues in New Orleans

The House of Blues in New Orleans is nothing less than iconic. It truly is an incredible experience to have within the Crescent City. It has been a staple of New Orleans since 1994, when it was founded, and is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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