The Story of the Faubourg Brewing Company of New Orleans


The Faubourg Brewing Company began as Dixie Brewing in 1907 when Valentine Merz opened the brewery in the Mid-City neighborhood at the corner of Tulane Avenue and Tonti Street. Locals immediately took to the brand, with it becoming the official neighborhood beer of New Orleans.

The History of the Neighborhood Beer of New Orleans

The brewing company met its first obstacle 13 years after opening with the creation of the National Prohibition Act. The brewery was able to survive by rebranding as a beverage company and selling soft drinks, ice cream, and near beer with less than 0.5 percent alcohol.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the original brewery, and the company moved out of state. However, 12 years later, New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelican owners Tom and Gayle Benson purchased the majority stake in the company. The Bensons brought the brewing company home to Louisiana with a state-of-the-art brewery in New Orleans East.

“Faubourg survived the last 113 years, including Prohibition, the Great Depression, and Hurricane Katrina,” said Tanya Birch, retail operations consultant for Faubourg Brewing.

Rebranding as Faubourg Brewing

The Bensons showed their commitment to helping unify New Orleans by changing the name of Dixie Brewing to Faubourg Brewing Company in 2020. The new name pays homage to the diverse neighborhoods of New Orleans as Faubourg represents New Orleans neighborhoods from Faubourg St. John to Faubourg Marigny.

In 2022, Faubourg Brewing Company merged with Wiregrass-owned holding company Made By The Water. Made By The Water owns craft beer breweries in the Carolinas and Florida and moved their offices to the Faubourg Brewing Company’s headquarters in New Orleans East.

“Our goal is to help New Orleans become as well known for its beer as it is for its cuisine and to see the local craft beer industry continue to grow and create quality jobs,” said Gayle Benson in a prepared statement. “Our partnership with Made By The Water allows us to grow the Faubourg brand and bring in a partner that is a leader in building craft beer brands.”

Today, Faubourg Brewing is the oldest operating New Orleans brewery and is proud of its ability to endure. The brewery is a family-friendly tourist attraction and blends tradition with the modern era of craft beer. Some of its most popular beverage options include Premium Lager and Dat’Suma IPA.

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