The Top Reasons to Visit the Broadside Bar, One of the Best Bars in New Orleans


The Broadside Bar of New Orleans is a standout establishment in a city with much to offer, including incredible drinks, atmosphere, and ambiance. These three things culminate in the ultimate bar experience, and the Broadside Bar executes these aspects impeccably.

The Broadsideā€™s Ambiance of the Past

The Broadside resides in the shell of a renovated early 19th-century building. The establishment embraces the history of the city wonderfully. It captivates patrons with its beautiful French charm and antique furnishings. The Broadside is dimly lit, adding to its callbacks to a bygone age of the city.

The Unforgettable Drink Selections at the Broadside

In terms of drink offerings, New Orleans is second to none. The same can also be said for the Broadside. Its well-trained mixologists are incredibly knowledgeable on how to deliver a truly memorable experience to their guests. They specialize in many drinks, but the Sazerac and Louisiana Hurricane are the most popular.

Culinary Delights to Savor at the Broadside

The Broadside has tantalizing food options to pair with its delicious drink selection. The establishment prides itself on using only the finest and freshest ingredients. These ingredients are almost always locally sourced. The Broadside specializes in charcuterie boards and other small plates of bar food. They also offer freshly caught seafood options. Each taste is a flavorful and well-thought-out dish from the minds of the chefs.

Music and Culture at the Broadside

The Broadside offers live music performances almost nightly and is said to have an infectious spirit. The Broadside also thoroughly embraces the culture of New Orleans in a significant way. It is a hub for local artists and musicians to show off their works and passions.

Visit the Broadside of New Orleans for an Unforgettable Night

In the bar scene of New Orleans, it is essential to offer great food and drinks and a fantastic experience for guests. People care about the atmosphere and culture nowadays more than ever. The Broadside of New Orleans is a beautiful place to enjoy a night out in the Crescent City.

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