The Top Streetcar Etiquette Tips for Traveling Around in New Orleans


New Orleans is known for its vibrant culture and history. However, no part of its culture is more iconic than its beautiful and recognizable streetcars. They are one of the most enjoyed transportation methods by tourists and locals alike. Anyone can feel like they are back in the early 1900s while hitching a ride down St. Charles Avenue or Canal Street.

Where to Go When Boarding

When boarding one of New Orleans’ streetcars, it is essential to remember that everyone is expected to move as far to the back of the car as possible. This ensures that all available seats for incoming passengers will be easily accessible and visible. Moving to the rear also provides a swift and easy boarding process to keep the streetcar on schedule.

Offer Seats to Those Who Need Them

If someone seated toward the front of the car recognizes a person boarding who may benefit from that seat more than them, it is expected for that person to be courteous and offer that seat to that person. For example, if a pregnant woman were to board the streetcar, it would be a lot more convenient for her to sit at the front of the car. Therefore, it is polite to offer the seat to help her.

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Streetcars are already loud enough with the sound of the tracks and bells ringing constantly. Keeping the noise down eliminates distractions for the driver. It is also courteous to other passengers who may be overstimulated or overly irritated by noises. The following methods can minimize noise: keeping phones on silent, talking in a whisper, and collecting belongings gently. These are all essential things to remember while riding on New Orleans’ famous streetcars.

Respect the Driver

Respecting the drivers of New Orleans’ streetcars is extremely important. They are in total control of the car at all times, and it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of others. Any directions or things they ask of anyone are in everyone’s best interest and should be followed closely.

Keep All Belongings Close at All Times

While riding on a streetcar in New Orleans, it is of utmost importance to keep all belongings within arms’ reach and to keep an eye on them. This prevents mix-ups involving other passengers.

Exit the Streetcar Swiftly and Smoothly

Exiting the streetcar in an orderly and swift manner is just as crucial as boarding the same way. This ensures that the streetcar stays on schedule and everyone gets to their destination on time. Another thing to remember while disembarking from the vehicle is to ensure that all belongings have been gathered.

Experience the Streetcars of New Orleans the Proper Way with these Tips

When it comes to memorable and enjoyable experiences in New Orleans, riding the streetcar can be a highlight for young and old alike. So climb aboard a famous New Orleans streetcar on that next trip to the Crescent City.

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