The Top Walking Tours in New Orleans


When it comes to historical cities in America, New Orleans has one of the richest and most exciting histories ever. From the origins of the French Quarter to its mysterious past with voodoo and black magic, the city is shrouded in mystery like no other.

There is no better way to crystallize this perplexing information than to take an informative and exciting walking tour. New Orleans has some of the most well-respected and historically accurate tours of any city in the world.

French Quarter Tour

The French Quarter is by far the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. It is chocked full of tradition, history, and iconic style. New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours puts on the French Quarter Tour. The tour guides are well-versed in the tales of the neighborhood’s origin and are known for being very entertaining. They are said to bring the stories to life and captivate their audiences.

The tour entails astounding views of the mighty Mississippi River and the French Quarter’s historic streets. It delves into the rich history of Jackson Square, the origins of jazz, and why music is essential to New Orleans’ natives. The French Quarter tour is all-encompassing and will captivate anyone who attends.

Ghost Tour

New Orleans has always been a city cloaked in mystery. It is considered the most haunted city in the world by many and is truly overflowing with ghostly tales. These tales, however, are not hyperbolized or exaggerated by any means. The accounts of thousands of New Orleans residents and visitors are chilling.

The Ghost Tour, also done through New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours, recounts and condenses these unbelievable experiences for tourgoers. The tour guides truly do bring tourgoers face to face with some of the most haunted buildings and landmarks throughout New Orleans.

Some highlights include the story of Marie Laveau, Muriel’s Ghost, the yellow fever epidemic, and more. Many who have attended have reported being chilled to the bone by the tales told.

Grand Garden District Tour

For those more interested in beautiful scenery and architecture, Two Chicks’ Grand Garden District Tour is sure to deliver. The Garden District of New Orleans is a lush suburb developed after the Louisiana Purchase. It was a place where the wealthy and successful built their homes with gorgeous gardens and architecture.

Today, the Garden District is home to many famous athletes, literary giants, and films and TV shows. The tour brings attendees through the colorful suburb, speaks of New Orleans traditions and its role in the Civil War, and passes by Lafayette Cemetery, where New Orleans burials are discussed.

Anyone Can Enjoy Experiencing New Orleans

New Orleans is such a diverse city with its inhabitants and history, and its superb selection of walking tours ensures something for everyone. From the historic French Quarter to the haunting tales of New Orleans’s paranormal side, there is no place like New Orleans.

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