Top Reasons to Explore New Orleans’ Uptown Area on Oak Street


Regarding cities with the best culture, history, and traditions, New Orleans is second to none, which is highly evident in the city’s neighborhoods and streets. One of the city’s most outstanding areas is Oak Street. Oak Street resides near the Carrollton area and is a haven for many delicious foods, entertainment opportunities, and more.

Experience Local Food Favorites

New Orleans is known for its fabulous food, and Oak Street is no exception. It offers visitors various choices, from cozy breakfast cafes to classic cajun food. Oak Street is a great place to satisfy almost any craving.

Awesome Live Music

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz music, so of course, it has plenty of music offerings. Oak Street has many options to choose from when it comes to music. From live street performers to jazz clubs, it’s easy to walk around Oak Street, tapping along to the beat of the music.

Discover the Amazing Art Scene

Oak Street also boasts a thriving art scene, attracting many talented local artists and artisans. A couple of galleries and boutiques specialize in showcasing the city’s best works of local artists. Art ranges anywhere from paintings to jewelry and handmade crafts.

Participate in Local Events

There are many events like festivals and celebrations throughout New Orleans and Oak Street. The neighborhood regularly hosts events, such as street fairs, cultural celebrations, and music festivals, to unite the community.

Join in on the Fun of New Orleans Oak Street in Uptown

Uptown New Orleans on Oak Street delivers many enjoyable options to its visitors. Whether grabbing a bite to eat, looking at local works, enjoying some live music, or participating in local events, there is no question that there is something for everyone to do on Oak Street.

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