Top Three Unique Restaurants and Bars in New Orleans


New Orleans has fantastic dining and drinking options for visitors looking for a unique experience. Below is our top selection of restaurants and bars for guests to visit while staying at the French Quarter’s own Hotel Mazarin.

Pat O’Brien’s

Pat O’Brien’s, birthplace of the hurricane cocktail, is always a fun and unique experience. The bar has been open since 1933 and has three drinking areas.

The Main Bar has a neighborhood bar feel and a jukebox to top it all off. It is an extremely popular hangout spot for sports fans.

The Patio Bar exudes backyard party vibes and makes visitors feel at home. Its lush foliage, iron tables, and chairs are ideal for pleasant nights out.

Pat O’Brien’s famous Piano Bar provides a different experience every time, as the songs played are almost entirely by audience request. Requests can range from country to rock music, creating a unique experience.

Antoine’s Restaurant

Antoine’s has been a staple of the French Quarter since the year 1840. The nearly 200-year-old restaurant is teeming with history in every room. It is almost a living museum in that aspect. It is home to 15 unique dining rooms, which are all completely different from one another.

A guest could go to Antoine’s 15 times and have a different experience every time. Few places in the world can even come near Antoine’s unique experience potential. Any history buff or foodie can rest assured they will have a grand time.

The Chef’s Table at Commanders Palace

The Commander’s Palace has a reputation for having the most delicious cuisine in all of New Orleans. It is a very famous establishment that boasts three Michelin stars. However, many people do not know they offer a private and unique dining experience at the chef’s table.

The chef’s table at Commander’s Palace is tucked away in a private corner of the restaurant’s kitchen, allowing the guests to witness all the behind-the-scenes action of the kitchen while dining.

Dining at the chef’s table is a truly fantastic experience. It is limited to four people at a time, has a waitlist that normally spans at least a few months, and the price per head is $125. However, the chef’s table is an absolutely delectable experience well worth the wait and cost.

New Orleans, Unique Experiences at Every Turn

New Orleans is an unbelievably diverse city, which is reflected well in the drinks and cuisine it can provide its visitors. While Pat O’Brien’s, Antoine’s Restaurant, and the Chef’s Table at Commanders Palace are our top picks for a unique experience in New Orleans, the city has so much to offer that it is nearly impossible to cover them all in one article.

Stay at Hotel Mazarin

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