Where to Find Boozy Snowball Flavors Reminiscent of Classic New Orleans Cocktails this Summer


Traditionally, snowballs are family-friendly delights enjoyed without booze. However, snowball flavors reminiscent of classic New Orleans cocktails do, in fact, exist. Those 21 and older can indulge in a boozy snowball by pairing their own liquor with classic cocktail-inspired flavors. A spiked snowball does the trick on a hot summer day in the Crescent City.

A Strawberry Daiquiri from Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls

Jennings Cox is believed to have brought the frozen daiquiri to New Orleans in 1896. While the original recipe is simpler, consisting of just rum, lime, and sugar, New Orleans puts a decadent twist on the drink. Today, one can find classic daiquiri flavors reinvented into snowballs.

In the Garden District, one snowball stand is crafting snowball flavors after Louisiana’s most iconic icy drink, a frozen Daiquiri. At Imperial Woodpecker, visitors can order a strawberry daiquiri-flavored snowball. Since there is no alcohol in the snowball itself, anyone can enjoy the classic drink flavor.

Frozen Irish Coffee Snowball From Hansen’s Sno-Bliz

Erin Rose, an Irish bar right off Bourbon Street, is known to have invented the caffeine-filled cocktail Frozen Irish Coffee. The decadent drink has been a summer treat notorious for reviving those overwhelmed with the heat and humidity of Southern Louisiana.

One will find the ultimate pairing, a Frozen Irish Coffee flavored snowball, at the oldest continually-operating snowball stand in New Orleans’ Uptown neighborhood. Hansen’s Sno-Bliz has been serving unique flavors of snowballs since 1939. The stand often fuses other traditional New Orleans recipes, like Bananas Foster, with its snowballs.

Mint Julep from Plum Street Snowballs

Although the Kentucky Derby popularized the Mint Julep in 1875, Louisianians enjoyed it for many years prior. The full-bodied refreshing beverage is a concoction of mint leaves, powdered sugar, and bourbon famously served at Old Absinthe House.

Although typically found in the French Quarter, one can find a frozen version of the Mint Julep at Plum Street Sno-Balls. Nestled between the multicolored houses of the Garden District, the small yet infamous shop began serving snowballs in 1945. Although the Mint Julep Snowball does not contain alcohol, it is one of the most refreshing summer drinks.

Spiked Snowballs from Nola Sips Snobar and Bistro

Those looking for a spiked snowball will fare well by visiting Nola Sips Snobar and Bistro in the ninth ward. The woman-owned snowball stand serves designer snowballs of fun flavors with elaborate toppings. Nola Sips Snobar and Bistro’s cups of soft shaved ice coated in boozy syrup have become iconic within the neighborhood.

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